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We’re on a journey, and we want you here with us. Our current website is getting a makeover.  We have been working together with our hosts to make sharing and discovering culture even better!

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We are a Social Enterprise

We are a social enterprise, and what that means is our business is not driven by profits. At our very core, Stay Native exists to improve economic equality for indigenous peoples all around the world and our aim is to do this through tourism. When you book an experience with Stay Native, 100% of the experience cost goes directly back to the host. We charge a little extra on top to help us keep doing what we do. When you book with us, your money goes directly back to the people you meet, creating a sustainable income stream for their family, adding another dollar to be spent at the local corner shop, and creating an increase in economic opportunities for that small community.

Find out what makes our cultures unique

We are creating a library that will give you a sense of the awe and wonder of indigenous cultures. Listen to our stories. Watch as we share with you our way of life. Read as we delve into our history, and be inspired by the beauty and diversity of the indigenous cultures of our world.

Save time searching for cultural experiences 

We are curating a collection of unique and authentic cultural experiences. 

We will bring a range of experiences together on Stay Native, making it easier for you to find.


Authenticity guaranteed

We are an indigenous business working exclusively with indigenous hosts. Every experience must go through a quality assurance check to ensure authenticity.