About Us

How sharing our culture as a whānau (family) created a global whānau all around the world

how it all started

We are a whanau that loves to travel.

One of our fondest child hood memories was when our parents, our uncles and our grandfather went on a haerenga (journey) from the top of NZ (Te Rerenga Wairua) down to the very bottom to visit our uncle and celebrate the birth of his first child.  It was a time of excitement and discovery and the beginning of a our love for travel in NZ and beyond our shores.

Over the  years, we would meet people from other cultures and would say ‘if you ever come to NZ come and visit us’.  Before we knew it we had First Nation, German, Italian, American, and many others  come and stay.

We enjoyed sharing our stories, our way of life and our place. We loved making new friends and learning about their places.

Then one night, sitting round the fire on the beach at our home in Whangaruru we talked about how cool it would be to spend more time doing those things we loved.   We started to Imagine…

Imagine if  we could create a sustainable business enterprise for our future and the future of our mokopuna. Imagine if we involved lots of other whanau, Imagine if we could involve our marae, our hapu, our communities… Imagine if we could involve other indigenous nations…

And the idea for Stay Native was born!

our social purpose

He aha te mea nui o te ao?
He tangata, He tangata, He tangata.

What is the most important thing in the world?
It is people, it is people, it is people.

define our purpose

Back in 2017 and with the help of MWDI (Maori Women’s Development INC) we started defining our social purpose –  to create jobs and business opportunities in indigenous communities using tourism as a vehicle for sustainable economic development

change statistics

We know that in NZ, Maori are nearly 3 times more likely to be unemployed than other groups.  Maori account for only 0.2% of all small businesses in NZ.   We are taking purposeful steps to change those statistics.

We want to empower Māori and other indigenous peoples to create sustainable lifestyles for themselves and their whanau and support them to remain connected to their land, culture and language.


With the support of groups such as Northand Inc, Akina, Ateed, Creative HQ and Maori Tourism we are well on our way to launching our new website platform and  will be ready to take our first  bookings this summer November 2019.

No Distance Is too Far

Lets spread the positive impact worldwide! Help us Build & Empower small businesses through sustainable cultural indigenous tourism.





how it works

we create change

  • We help indigenous locals Start, Run and grow a sustainable business through tourism
  • Local storytellers share their stories online through articles , guides , videos and podcasts.

we tell stories

Stay native shares these stories ,tours and experiences created by locals with the world , we list experiences on our hosts behalf and we take a small commission to reinvest into running the platform and training and marketing tools for our hosts.

we make connections

  • We use trusted booking partners to offer our travellers options to book flights, accommodation, rental cars and motorhomes, a % of the commission we receive goes into community programmes and eco projects to develop indigenous land.
  • We connect our hosts with travellers looking for a one of a kind unique cultural experiences

watch this space

launching summer 2019

We’re launching a complete redesign of our site so sign up to our updates and follow us on our journey to see how Stay Native is making it easier for travellers to find authentic cultural experiences.